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Free Form Skylights

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Free Form skylights and Facades are available with us on a Turn Key basis including Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Installation.

Standard delivery time is of 140 days.

Organic Shapes

With the design concept of Nodes and Members, almost any Organic shapes are possible for Skylights as well as Building Facades.


Free Form Skylights - Futuristic Solutions

Free form skylights are a revolutionary solution to most design issues involving organic shapes in the roofing.

These self supporting total aluminium structures made from a structurally suitable alloys are a perfect solution if you are designing Free form shapes. Very large size coverings are possible with this free form grid design concept.

This kind of skylight solutions completely eliminate a need for having Supporting Steel structure.


Complex Engineering Designs

If your projects demand use of organic shapes and large areas to cover, free form skylights are could be the most suitable solutions.

Free form skylights are developed by using very complex surface designing tools, engineering calculations and are manufactured using 5 axis CNC machining centres. It also involves highly engineered extruded aluminium sections suitable for the designs.

Ideal For

Large Public Spaces, Malls, Subway Stations, Airports, etc.

Ease of Handling

Free form skylights are designed and manufactured in such a way that, allows assembly at a convenient location on the site itself and then placing it up at the actual location by help of suitable material handling devices


Ease of Installation on site

Free form skylights are designed and manufactured in such a way that, calls for minimum efforts during assembly and installation.

The overall dead load of the structure is brought down considerably by eliminating use of Steel completely.

With the unique design use of Nodes with Members, forming curves without actually bending any of the structural members or the glasses itself is not required.


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