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Light Weight Panels

Ultra Lightweight Panels for wall cladding.
It could be used both for Exterior and Interior applications.
High resistance and durability wherever you place it
Provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home
It’s available in many textures, finishes and colors
Dry, quick and easy installation
Ready-made corners available
Unbelievable realism and totally natural look

Most of the panels are approx 1m X 1m in size with interlocking. There are few types where interlocking is not required and size of panel varies. Please check the product details for the exact size of individual Product Type

For selected panel types, ready-made corners are available.

stone cladding

Ideal For

Rustic interiors in Restaurants, Homes, Hotels
Perfect for Designers who like the Classic countryside tone for building



Our Classic Collection is made with stones of different types imitating classical coatings suitable for restaurants, cottages, apartments, country houses and other spaces. Our collection of panels that mimic the Natural stone is an excellent choice when looking to reflect a serene environment. Because of the variety of tones and colors, ranging from imitation white stone to the black stone through shades of gray, also including various shades of brown, the coatings classic collection is the ideal way to give a personalized touch to your space, as this collection of panels that mimic the stone can be used both in homes, giving an atmosphere of tranquility, and offices providing and environment of trust and serenity, offering an exquisite sight.



Synthetic walls that mimic actual building effects or materials such as concrete or cement to create different shapes and textures to decorate homes or commercial spaces. The section of synthetic walls has been designed to make your home a more welcoming place but do not be fooled by the word “synthetic” because it does not mean they are inelegant or with a low visual impact, as these walls are made of a perfect mix of materials such as concrete, stone or cement, which altogether become shapes that will delight in sight and provide various environment sensations depending on the shapes, sizes and styles of the chosen panel.

designer wall panels

Ideal For

Playful interiors in Coffe Houses, Bars, Living Rooms, etc.
For all your Contemporary Designs

bricks wall cladding

Ideal For

Almost any type of environment – rustic, classic, modern, contemporary; these brick panels are a hot favorite among Designer for their versatility in application. Options available for almost any of your design environment.



Decorative panels that mimic bricks with a surprising resemblance to a real brick wall. Different models from modern bricks to ancient ones, worn or British style. Our brick collection introduces fake brick panels which show absolutely real. This wall brick panels are an excellent option to reflect both a urban or a rustic environment, which can also be used for a studio or office due to their elegance and incredible sight which will provide a sensation of elegance. Brick was formerly the material of choice for construction, and even today is still infilling this sensation of strength and endurance that characterizes it.



Nature collection is made of different textures taken from nature which mimic natural elements. Nature panels are made of recycled wood barrels of Rioja wine and sherry, which will definitely add to your rooms a natural environment. They also provide thermal advantages as insulation resulting in a room that can always maintain an ideal temperature so everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. Wood also allows to play with both shapes and colours in the room. Nature collection comes in three different designs, Cabernet, with thin elongated forms, and Merlot and Pinot with geometrical shapes.

wooden wall cladding

Ideal For

Restaurants, Bars, Cafe. Perfectly suitable for the Vintage style.

3D wall cladding

Ideal For

Ultramodern, Contemporary, Elegant, Minimalistic Designs.



Lifestyle collection mimics decoration we can find in our everyday life, patterns, shapes, textures, providing an astonishing aspect to spaces. This collection gives you the opportunity to captivate your view with decorations out of the ordinary, which allow to decorate any rooms of your home, halls and meeting rooms in a building or hotel, even an office or a studio; all those spaces can be decorated with one of the options that our decorative panels offer.



Wall panels with a vintage or retro style that reproduce elements, shapes or vintage patterns to decorate your walls with the latest fashion. These days we are used to living in an urban tech environment, which has allowed man to move forward and develop, but often makes us feel nostalgiac. If you are someone who seeks to revive those days this collection of vintage or retro style will allow you to make your personal space a unique and special environment, free of urbanized social standards, which will make you feel in a living place of the past. This style often used classic colors such as white and coffee, which gives the option to play with the deco of the room, with still life ornaments style, such as fruit or flowers, it will also allow you to play with the furniture, by using wooden furniture with their natural color or light colors.

vintage wall cladding

Ideal For

Equally suitable for Modern as well as Classic, Colonial or Gothic Designs


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