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Aluminium Pergola

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Aluminium pergola in India is available in Tilt only and retractable options

Standard delivery time is of 45 days.

Aluminium Pergola in India

Ideal For

Aluminium pergola is recommended for Open Terraces Roof cover, Patio, Indoor Courtyard roofing, terrace seat out roofing etc.


Tilt only aluminium pergola

Manufactured from highest quality Aluminum and designed by Experts, this Tilt Only aluminium pergolas are available in Remote operated version.

Angle of the Louvers could be adjusted depending on your need of the hour and the direction of Sun rays to avoid direct UV exposure.

Water Proof Aluminium Pergola -When closed, this Pergola is 100% water tight with its inbuilt water drainage channel system.


Retractable Pergola

If the Tilt Only aluminium pergolas are not good enough, we also have a fully retractable Aluminum pergola Louvered System.

Operated with a remote, all louvers could be stacked on one side of the Opening. These Aluminium pergolas can be applied as per your requirements for restaurants extended seat out, balcony coverings, terrace seat out roofing etc.

Retractable Aluminium Pergola India

Ideal For

Terraces roof structure, Patio, Outdoor Bathrooms, Courtyards, Open Restaurant roofing etc.


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