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Aluminium Windows

Slimline Aluminium windows and system aluminium windows are preferred choice of few architects and designers because of its quality and properties. Aluminum unlike any other material used for structural applications is extremely Light weight in nature; without compromising on the inherent strength required. Hence, alloys like 6063 T6 are perfectly suitable for making window/door systems where we are looking to have minimal sections without losing on the strength. At the same time, Aluminum give us a wider choice in terms of finishing the final product.

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Unload window frames and glasses at respective locations of installation. Locations are given on the labels pasted on each frame.
Align the window frame in perfect vertical level in the opening. Check with a plumb bob and spirit level
Packing needs to be provided ALL AROUND the window frame. EVEN at the BOTTOM. GAP on all sides need to be uniform as far as possible.
All open drain holes and screw holes need to be filled in with proper color CAPS supplied with the windows.
Glass packers must be used on all FOUR sides of the window frame.
Then hardware alignment is done to get lock and other hardware in ideal working state.
INSIDE as well as OUTSIDE sealing is mandatory. When the gaps between the window frame and the wall exceed 10mm, baker rods must be used first to fill the gaps before applying the silicone sealant.
All garbage occurring as a result of unpacking and installation, needs to be collected and disposed off by the contractor after consultation with the Client Representative to a suitable location.
Joint inspection with client representative and handover of the site.

All of our Aluminum window systems come with a 10 years performance warranty.

slimline aluminium windows

Ideal For

Slimline aluminium windows are preferred for Extra large opening, great views


Slim-line Aluminium windows and Doors

Our Slimline Aluminium Windows and doors are one of the world’s slimmest residential and commercial sliding systems, well suited to architectural applications where very large openings are required. This system has thinnest sight line of 20 mm in the vertical section which gives a clean and clear look.

  • Well suited for large opening till 6 meter high
  • Single and double glazed options
  • Multiple track options
  • Thinnest sight lines of 20 mm
  • Ball bearings mechanism for accommodation higher loads upto 450 KG per panel
  • Single Shutter Pocket doors


Sliding Aluminium Windows

This range of aluminium windows offers different types of thermal and non- thermal break series which offer complete range of Lift and Slide, Parallel Slide and Vertical Slide.

aluminium sliding systems

Ideal For

Normal window applications where openings are medium to large in size and space is a constraint for having openable windows. High rise installations could also be another suitable situation.

aluminium casement window

Ideal For

Small to medium size openings where, air tightness is of prime importance. Needless to say, Casement windows are also the first choice for Classic, Colonial as well as Contemporary Architecture.


Casement Aluminium Windows

We offer wide range of Casement Aluminium Window systems, available with both thermal and non-thermal break profiles. The casement windows series is designed to cater to requirements of inside/ outside swings and turn and tilt with various possible typologies. A blend of design, technology, and quality components ensures acoustic /thermal comfort and security. The design concept ensures high resistance to atmospheric agents making the series suitable for use in both new construction and renovation.


Vertical Sliding Aluminium Window

A window having one or more sashes which move only in the vertical direction;
they are held in various open positions by means of friction or a ratchet device
instead of being supported by sash balances or counterweights.Vertical sliding window develops a new identity through a perfect control of vertical opening technology. The counterweight system allows a smooth man oeuvre.

aluminium vertical sliding window

Ideal For

Smaller size openings where typically the width is half of the height in dimensional proportion.

Vertical Pivot Doors Inida

Ideal For

Indoor applications like passages, lobbies, etc.


Vertical Pivot Door

The Pivot system turns opening a door into a creative act: the doors swing around the asymmetrically located axis, creating a temporary spatial structure.

Available with or without stop, the door can rotate on itself up to 360 opening degrees, obtaining a very exciting effect of movement.
Vertical Pivot system is ideal for panel walls made of innovative high-tech materials, allowing designers to express their own ideas on architectural and functional space.


Balustrade Windows

Another first from tiWINDOWS in India. Balustrade windows are vertical sliding windows stacking 3 or 4 shutters at the bottom. When fully opened and stacked at the bottom, these glass shutters could double up as a Balustrade or a Barrier. Hence the name, Balustrade windows.

With a maximum possible size of 4000mm in width and 3000mm in height, we could make a floor to ceiling window offering an undisturbed view when required. aa

balustrade aluminium windows

Ideal For

Outdoor cafeterias or restaurants where the space could be opened up in no time with a combination of our Balustrade Windows and Fabric or Glass Pergolas.

Also, perfect for rooms or bedrooms with a View outside. To get a clear picturesque view without any members when required.


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